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Accountable GP
A new contractual requirement for 2015-16 is that every patient should have a named accountable GP. Dr Mawer will accept this role as a formality for the patients at Rustlings Road Surgery, but in practice patients will still see whichever GP they prefer.

Communication Policy
From 31st July 2016 all NHS organisations and providers of Adult social care must comply with the accessible information standard. The standard tells organisations how to make information accessible to patients, service users, their carers and parents. This includes making sure that people get information in different formats if they need it, such as large print, Braille/computer voice talk, easy read or information sent via e mail.

The Accessible information Standard also tells organisations how to support peoples communication needs, for example by offering support from a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, deaf blind manual interpreter or an advocate, or by offering a longer appointment time. As part of the Accessible Information Standard organisations that provide NHS or adult social care must do five things. They must:

• Ask people if they have any information or communication needs and find out how they can meet their needs.
• Record those needs in a set way.
• Highlight a person’s file so it is clear that they have information or communication needs and clearly explain how these are to be met.
• Share information about a person’s needs with other NHS and adult social care providers, when they have permission or consent to do so.
• Make sure that people get information in an accessible way and communication support if they need it.

Please let either reception or one of the clinical team know of any communication needs you may have.

Patients in our practice area
At present we will only take new patients within our practice area and we have a strict policy to ask patients to register at another practice when they move out of our area.

Medical Students
We sometimes have a medical student training with us. They may sit in with the Doctor or the nurse for some clinics, but we will advise you in advance so that you can ask for the student not to be present if you prefer.

We have a policy to provide a chaperone for intimate examinations but in certain circumstances you can ask for a chaperone not to be present.

Abusive patients
We operate a zero tolerance policy on violent or abusive behaviour towards staff.

Old medicines and carrying of drugs
Unfortunately we are unable to dispose of unwanted medication. These should be returned to the issuing pharmacist. We keep NO controlled drugs on the premises and the doctors carry NO controlled drugs in their bags.

Doctor’s letters and other services
We cannot issue letters of fitness to exercise as we do not have qualifications in sports medicine and are not accredited to do so – this is in line with guidance issued by the local medical committee LMC.